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Ala. Volunteer Firefighters on Challenges Fighting Wildland Fires

By Bryan Henry, WSFA:

Greenwood-Fitzpatrick Volunteer Fire Chief Tim Tompkins remembers it well.

“It got up in the top of the pine trees and burn across some of the firefighters and I was one of them,” said Tompkins.

The life of a volunteer firefighter these days is fraught with danger. It’s people like Tompkins and Assistant Fire Chief Tommy Gholston you’ll find battling those roadside fires and in some cases deep in the woods.

“You know a lot times you go without sleep for a good while,” said Gholston.

One day after the Alabama Forestry Commission issued a statewide “fire alert,” volunteer firefighters are more mindful than ever their morning or night could change on a dime.

“I worry about people getting hurt and not being able to put the fire out,” said Tompkins.

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