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Calif Volunteer Fire Dept has no Members, may Close

The remaining auxiliary members are attempting to recruit new members while neighboring departments cover their calls

By Kelsey Shelton, Siskiyou Daily News

The Mt. Shasta Vista Volunteer Fire Company may have to close its doors if they can’t find volunteers.

The department, which once had seven volunteers, has dwindled in size as people have gotten older, move, or die, said Virginia Goularte, a Mt. Shasta Vista Volunteer Fire Company’s Auxiliary member.

According to Goularte, there were two volunteers, one of which has retired, the other has passed on. “It leaves us with nothing,” Goularte said. “Mayten fire is taking our calls, but we are looking for volunteers.”

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Mary Cameron, who was the acting chief for the Volunteer Fire Company until a few years ago, worries that the fire company will close due to lack of community interest.

“I started the fire company in 1998. I’ve been at it 22 years,” said Cameron. Her concerns for the future of the department are not only based around lack of volunteers, but also a lack of community availability.

“For many years I was chief, and then I got a volunteer who was very knowledgeable in fire and medical, he was chief for two years, but now he’s moving to Wyoming,” said Cameron. Her other volunteer, John Angelovich, who had been with the department for a long time,  recently passed away.

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