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Entire Vt. Volunteer Fire Department Fired

Officials say former firefighters are eager to rejoin and they expect the department will be operational by next week

By Ike Bendavid, WCAX

An entire Vermont fire department has been fired. Town leaders in Albany say the department has been mismanaged for years and they want to start from scratch. Our Ike Bendavid has more on the shakeup.

“I feel very blindsided,” said Jeanne Peters, the former chief of the Albany Fire Department.

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Peters says she was not expecting to get hosed at a recent select board meeting. She and a dozen volunteers were let go after the select board approved a motion to temporarily disband the entire fire department in this town of just 800 people.

“I feel left in the dark on that,” Peters said.

She says the volunteer department mostly responds to accidents or helps neighboring towns with mutual aid.

Peters acknowledges issues in the past with former chiefs, including her father and brother, but when she took the reins there was to be a fresh start.

“When I took over from being chief that the select board and the fire department agreed that we kind of drew a line in the sand and everything that was in the past was in the past,” Peters said.

“As far as firefighting, they were doing OK. Administratively, it was a disaster,” said Phillip Beaudry of the Albany Select Board.

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Image: WCAX

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