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India: Fire Inspector Busted Taking Bribe for Permit

Police set up a sting operation to catch the fire officer accepting money in exchange for signing off on a business permit

In Coimbatore, India, anti-corruption police busted a fire officer shaking down a business owner for bribes in exchange for signing off on the fire safety aspect of a business permit.

The Times of India reports that an owner approached fire officer B. Sasikumar, age 57, for a no objection certificate regarding the fire safety. The owner sought to open a temporary cracker shop in a privately owned building for the Diwali festival, a spiritual festival celebrating light’s triumph over dark.

The fire officer is alleged to have demanded 10,000 rupees (US$135), but settled for 6,000 rupees (US$81).

The Times reports that the sting operation included coating the bribe money with phenolphthalein powder. Authorities were on scene when the fire officer accepted the bribe.

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