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NIST tests AI flashover prediction tool

The model correctly predicted flashovers one minute beforehand for about 86% of the simulated fires By NIST Firefighting is a race against time. Exactly how much time? For firefighters, that part is often...

Volunteer Firefighters to Get Virtual Reality Training

The Australian state firefighters will use virtual reality, props and real firefighting tools to prepare for structure and wildland fire By Aimee Chanthadavong, ZDNet Victorian volunteer firefighters will all...

911 and Phone Outages: What’s Your Plan?

Everyone from the chief to the newest rookie should know and train on the plan By Barry Furey, Firefighter Close Calls For those of you following the Nashville situation, I urge you to consider how a single...

Volunteer Fire Rig Outfitted for Wildland Fire Study

Scientists in Australia will collect data from the truck in first-ever study to better understand wildland fire behavior By Hayley Elg, The Courier An innovative project will take place in the region this...

Japan: Village Fire Protection Test Draws Tourists

The 11th century village is protected by 62 monitors kept in tiny huts By Samantha Pires, My Modern Met Twice a year, the picturesque and quiet village of Kayabuki no Sato puts on a popular water display...

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