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Australia Fire Service Better Equipped for Next Fire Season

The government if funding the 15 priorities laid out in an official review of the 2019 wildland fire response in South Australia By ABC News South Australian firefighters will be equipped with 25 new trucks...

Firefighters Without Borders Aid St. Lucia Firefighters

The philanthropic partnership between the St. Lucia Fire Service and the nonprofit organization has grown over the years By Kingsley Emanuel, Loop Chief Fire Officer, Joseph Joseph, has showered Firefighters...

Aussie Volunteer Fire Depts. Getting Quick-Attack Trucks

Built on a Toyota Land Cruiser chassis, they have a V8 diesel, can carry two firefighters and 550 liters of water By Emma Reid, Bundaberg Now The Bundaberg Region will be home to a RFBAQ LandCruiser Light...

Video: Car Fire Blanket Tested on Electric Vehicle

Tests in Spain show the blanket greatly reducing the electric vehicle fire heat and the fire rekindling when oxygen is reintroduced By Gustavo Henrique Ruffo, Inside EVs As much as there is no party without...

Rotary Donates Firefighting Gear to Mexico Firefighters

Eleven fire departments received donated gear and instruction on how to use it; the donations came from California and Canadian fire departments By Angela Martin, Daily Republic Mexicans living in Baja...

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